The goal of the FlexARM project is the derivation of a unified framework for robotic dynamic simulation in fusion engineering, where the deformation of high complex mechanisms will explicitly be taken into account. Novel mathematical models and vibration control algorithms will be proposed. A robotic simulator will be developed for predicting the mechanical behavior of flexible mechanisms during autonomous remote maintenance and inspection procedures, as well as for testing control algorithms. The research results to be achieved in FlexARM will be tested in several flexible robotic mechanisms proposed for EU DEMO autonomous remote maintenance and inspection.

FlexARM involves the following scientific and technological objectives.

  • Objective 1. To develop advanced dynamical models for robots with flexible links and joints.
  • Objective 2. To develop predictive control algorithms for vibration suppression in remote handling procedures.
  • Objective 3. To build a robotic simulator for autonomous remote maintenance and inspection in nuclear fusion tokamak
  • Objective 4. To build a decision support framework for collaborative design, modeling and control of remote handling autonomous systems
  • Objective 5. To validate FlexARM project results in EU DEMO relevant remote maintenance and inspection procedures